Who we are: Brief history

Removals and Storage La Seda S.L was created on February 10, 2016, with the aim of offering all types of moving, removals and storage services from the regions of Murcia, Andalusia, Castilla La Mancha, Valencia, Madrid, Balear´s and Canary´s Islands, Madrid or any other place of Spain to the rest of the world. Our daily dedication and desire to improve have made of us, one of the moving companies with the best prospect in recent years, which have allowed us expanding our services throughout Spain and be present in other countries. We also offer the perfect solution for lack of space, for all those people who want to leave any kind of material or furniture for a certain time in our storage rental service.

We have the best professionals and packaging tools to make your move a success and ensure the best result. All our removals are insured by the leading insurance company ALLIANZ, which guarantees wide coverage so you do not have to worry about anything. We belong to the main transportation associations that can support our daily work such as Fedem, Froet, Cetm and Fedemac.

What we believe in

What do we believe? As the title says, we consider ourselves more than a moving company, since MUDANZAS Y GUARDAMUEBLES LA SEDA SL led by DAVID SÁNCHEZ MOLINA (CEO) and ALVARO LÓPEZ REGUERO (in charge of the Marketing Department, specialist in SEO and in accompanying companies towards a more sustainable way learning to respect the planet) participates in the PYMES and SDG projects, led by COPADE and co-financed by the AECID, whose objective is to improve the path of our company towards sustainability.

Mudanzas y Guardamuebles La Seda SL is committed to reduce with its actions the pollution that is causing the climate change on the planet and to be part of the Community #Porelclima.#Porelclima., a pioneering initiative of people, companies, organizations and public administrations which are fighting together with a common goal: be leaders of the action against Climate Change in accordance with the guidelines set in the Paris Agreement.

From Removals and Storage La Seda, we want to contribute in favour of a more sustainable world. For this target we have the ECOEMBES seal that certifies our commitment to waste treatment in our offices. We have containers available at various points of our offices for specific use with the disposal of waste that has been provided to us by Ecoembes.

We have signed an agreement with the ONG Project Abraham under the slogan #SiTeMudasDona in which we commit ourselves to donate all those clothes and furniture of our customers which do not need it anymore and can give it a second life for those people who may need it.

Finally we do not want to forget the amount of animal abandonments that unfortunately we see more often than we would like this problem because of our work as we spend many hours on the road, that is why under the motto #NoAbandonoAnimal, we want to raise awareness for all those people who have to move and cannot take their pets with them, there are several better possibilities rather than abandon them.

Below we list the plan of actions:

  • Teleworking on specific occasions depending on the profile of the position and personal needs
  • Promotion of training through subsidized courses
  • Rental and rehabilitation of a ship in a disadvantaged neighborhood
  • Hiring of people in conditions of vulnerability or low qualification
  • Groupage, shared or combined initiative that facilitates the accessibility of the service to disadvantaged groups
  • Use of reusable boxes
  • Promotion of recycling and awareness on this issue
  • Dissemination of social and environmental activities of the company through social networks
  • Incentive message for the reuse of moving boxes
  • Promotion of the donation of equipment for its reuse.
  • Incentive of the use of the bicycle as a means of transport for the staff in order to minimize the carbon footprint
  • Bet on renewable energy
  • Be receptive to the use of electric vehicles when financial resources are available to renew the mobile fleet
  • Community membership #PorelClima
  • Groupage, shared or combined moving initiative - Mitigation of C02 emissions
  • Promotion of the recovery and reuse of textile waste, footwear and toys, avoiding the use of new natural resources
  • Agreement with Ecoembes on recycling
  • Abraham Project Agreement
  • Membership in transport associations: FETRAMA, FEDEM, AEMPRA, FROET, CETM, FEDEMAC